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Aug 28, 2016

'Back to School' 

What's included in this episode? 

  • Interview with Obie Matin, Secondary English Teacher, St. Martin in-the-Fields, Brixton, London  (3:00)
  • How to handle ‘back to school’ anxiety and renew the love of teaching whether its your first year as an NQT or 20 years in
  • The hidden role of student recruitment to your subject
  • English as a core subject - expectations of excellence
  • Supporting student transition to secondary school
  • Using lifelong learning and adult education to improve your own teaching practice
  • How education has shifted to become more personalised
  • Understanding Government and bureaucratic change is a constant and focusing on what you can affect - the students in your class
  • Slowing down or speeding up - what’s next for Obie Matin?
  • Plus, shout-outs to Teacher Toolkit, WomenEd, and City Lit


ON THE FEAR OF BACK TO SCHOOL: ‘That anxiety and dread…the beginning of another school year.’
HOW TO COPE: ‘It’s about finding strategies that bring the joy of teaching back to you.’
SUMMER HOLIDAYS AND TEACHERS: ‘it’s impossible to explain in words the freedom that teachers have in summer holidays’
EXAM RESULTS: ‘Every time it’s results day or results night i have the same feelings i had when i was opening my own brown envelope. you work with those students for so long and worked so hard with them…and they’ve worked so hard!’
LIFE-LONG LEARNING: ‘Before I was a teacher, I was an adult education junky.’
ON TEACHMEET: ‘‘It’s just an incredible movement’

Further Reading:

St. Martin in-the-Fields, Brixton, London: 
Teacher Toolkit: 
Teach Meet London Boat: 
City Lit: 

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Aug 21, 2016

Come to The Edtech Podcast Launch Party! 

What's in this episode?

Ron Reed, Exec Producer, SxSw Edu on the Microsoft/Mac Book conundrum when you have Bill Gates speaking at your event (3:28)
Interview with former NYC public school teacher Monica Burns @classtechtips of on placing the task before the app and promoting deeper learning with technology.
Engaging methods and tools for using scannable technologies like virtual reality, QR codes and augmented reality within the classroom in an accessible way ‘beyond the headset.’
What are the opportunities and risks of an open educational resources policy?
Content creation tools which demonstrate student understanding
Monica’s journey from chalk boards and overhead projectors to training on tech
How to engage in ‘disruptive education’ whilst also ‘respecting the process’ and time needed for change to happen; which models are modernising education?

Extra reading and resources: 

Monica’s Book on Scannable Technologies:
Virtual Reality:
Google Cardboard:
Lit World:
Apple Distinguished Educator:

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Aug 14, 2016

On EdTech exporting opportunity

What's in this episode?

Audio recording of The Department for International Trade webinar on exporting opportunities for EdTech
Featured speakers Tom Sapsted, International Trade Adviser, Department for International Trade (4.00m); Sophie Bailey, The Edtech Podcast (6:00m); Vipul Bhargava, Education Technology and Independent Schools, Department for International Trade (18:00m); Aldo de Pape, Founder, TeachPitch (34:00m)
Overview of 5 main areas of UK Edtech Success - STEM & Coding, Online Learning & Tutoring, Educator Focused Services, Student Focused Services and Literacy & Creativity
Areas which need innovation focus identified through the DfE Workload Challenge survey of 44,000 teachers
Overview of 6 international regions, the Department for International Trade identify as opportunities to create impact through EdTech
Considering the international schools presence in China and the UAE
Case study example of an EdTech company exporting globally - what works, what doesn’t and how to de-risk working with local partners
Information on The Dubai Futures Accelerators programme; Hong Kong’s quality Edu Fund for e-learning; the Education is Great campaign; the WISE accelerator & Silk ventures opportunities
Contextualising China’s huge EdTech spend
Education resources via Alibaba

Sample Quotes:

ON CHINA: ‘EdTech spend in China is bigger than the overall UK education budget.’
ON INVESTMENT: ’Hong Kong has a quality edu fund for e-learning of £157m.’
ON TEACHPITCH: ’We focus on disambiguation of the Internet when it comes to learning material.’
ON THE TEACHPITCH DEV TEAM: ‘We are blessed to have an all female Dev. team’
ON SAVING TEACHERS TIME: ‘The 3 areas identified as priority after surveying 44,000 teachers were marking, planning and resources and data management.’


Further Reading & Resources 

Tom Sapsted, International Trade Adviser, Department for International Trade
Sophie Bailey, The Edtech Podcast:
Vipul Bhargava, Education Technology and Independent Schools, Department for International Trade
Aldo de Pape, Founder, TeachPitch
Links to The Dubai Futures Accelerators programme; Hong Kong’s quality Edu Fund for e-learning; the Education is Great campaign; the WISE accelerator & Silk ventures opportunities
TenCent Education Prize:
Alibaba Education Portal:

Aug 14, 2016

'Connecting past, present and future learners'

What's included in this episode?

What employers are looking for in students and young people
Find out about a Linked In pilot project with the Greater Manchester Combined Authority which uses ‘big data’ to understand student pathways in the Greater Manchester area
Connecting past, present and future students - ‘Sending the elevator back down to the next generation’
LinkedIN’s resources for teachers - resources, knowledge, communities - and how these areas are developing
China as the fastest growing country on LinkedIn
Why LinkedIN has moved on in student perception from ‘facebook to old people’ to a useful resource
How do Universities use the ‘big data’ of LinkedIN to map student journeys after graduation?
LinkedIN for teachers and universities

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Interview Quotes: 
ON SOFT SKILLS: ‘educational qualifications; in many ways are no longer providing the level of discernment that employees are looking for’
ON PROJECT MANCHESTER: ’It’s a good demonstration of working with a range of people to leverage our data for insights into a community or career sector.’
STUDENTS ON LINKED IN: ’It could be around ideas for career options or it could be to find people who might be able to help you.’
ON HAVING A LINKED IN PROFILE WHEN YOU WORK AT LINKED IN: ‘It’s not as if there are profile police coming around to your desk everyday.’
TEACHER FAMILIARITY: ‘‘Teachers - they’re not the strongest demographic on linked in yet, but certainly very important to us. We need the teachers onboard.’
CHINA: ’China is our fastest growing country at the moment’
ON LINKED IN: ’Presenting yourself effectively is not new; networking is not new’. We are just an enabler really.’
ON 400m USERS: ‘We have a lot of data and insight into different career paths’
ON UNIVERSITIES: ‘If you’ve got 100,000 alumni on linked in; how do you leverage that as part of your branding? It’s huge!’

Further Reading:

CHARLES HARDY: @charleshardy

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Aug 7, 2016

What's in this episode? 

  • Introducing Jisc as the digital arm of the higher, further and research sectors
  • Jisc’s aim of the UK being the most advanced teaching and research education in the world
  • An overview of the 600GB Jisc back bone ‘Janet’ and international wifi network EDUROAM
  • Jisc’s collaborations with the British museum, Science museum, UCAS, and the Royal college of arts
  • Jisc’s interoperability with the European network GÉANT and other NRENs
  • Jisc’s work in Sweden, and further international aspirations
  • Learner analytics - what does it mean for university staff &students
  • How well placed is the UK in learner analytics, open access and improving learner outcomes through EdTech vs. US & Australia?
  • Methods to ‘join the dots’ in best practice for EdTech in higher education
  • Innovation in further and higher education in the areas of learning spaces, online learning & flipped classrooms
  • Edtech innovation across K-12, further and higher education; where are most opportunities being created?
  • What was it like to graduate in 1981? What do universities look like in 2050?
  • Balancing procurement efficiencies vs. specific institutional needs
  • Why Jisc is ‘not, and never will be, a MOOCS provider’
  • Working with content providers and publishers on digital learning - challenges and opportunities. What is the correct pace of change?
  • Find out more about Jisc’s project to map learner journeys and ‘build this enormous, and unique, and quite fantastic, warehouse of UK learning’ by collecting anonymised student data across 85 universities

Sample quotations:

ON Janet: ‘you can connect to it everywhere in the world.’
ON INTERNATIONAL INTEREST: ‘we do a lot internationally and we’d like to do an awful lot more’
ON OPEN ACCESS: ‘In open access the UK is probably there in the lead.’
ON EDTECH IN FE AND HE: ’Using Edtech in Further and Higher Education; the UK has a long way to go.’
ON JOINING BEST PRACTICE: ‘‘There is a lot of great practice individually in the UK, but nationally theres more we can do.’
ON LEARNER SPACES: ‘‘What’s the best practice in learning spaces.’? ‘How do you bring people in virtually into your classrooms.’?

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