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Sep 15, 2017

The fourth edition of the ASU GSV Summit Series on The Edtech Podcast.

Welcome everyone to this fourth episode from the ASU GSV Summit series on The Edtech Podcast. This week we hear about China and Edtech featuring a whole raft of entrepreneurs talking about the internationalisation of Edtech and the part China is playing in investment, innovation and change at a state and consumer level.

Educator looking to navigate online tutoring opportunities? Listen In. International School or University looking to understand how to expand into China? Listen In. Start Up wanting to know how to expand into China and/or what the incubator opportunities are? Listen In. Want to check you know about the Government priority areas in educational innovation? Listen In. Fancy some new book recommendations from some of China's top innovators? Listen In.

Basically, listen in.

Don't forget to check out the reference links below, for more follow up videos, podcasts and reading on this topic. 

What's in this episode?

    • Message from this week’s episode sponsors Qatar Foundation International and Class Central
    • Sophie Bailey introduction – latest events, competition winners and news
    • Michael Moe with the GSV Cap. perspective on China and Edtech
    • 1:1 interviews featuring:
    • Joy Chen 陈丁鸿, Executive Advisor, International Business Development, TAL Education Group (at 13 minutes and 21 seconds)
    • Dun Xiao, Co-founder, (at 24 minutes and 35 seconds)
    • Cindi Mi, CEO, VIPKid (at 51 minutes and 22 seconds)
    • Yi Wang, CEO, Liulishuo (at 1 hour and 11 minutes)
    • Sophie Chen, Partner, JMDEdu (at 1 hour and 34 minutes)
    • Pei Yu, Head of the Edstars Programme at TAL Education at 1 hour and 38 minutes)
    • Sophie Bailey outro – what’s next in the series?

Sample Quotes: 

US spending on housing is 33%. in Asia, 10%. Family spending on ed in US is 2%. In Asia, 15% - Michael Moe, GSV Cap.
You know, the Chinese Olympic Games had this spirit of 'one world, one dream' and it very much inspired me to set up my next two start ups - Dun Xiao, Co-founder,
'I think the Chinese Government has invested $1.7bn in the edtech system, since 2015 alone, but i think the major factor is families' - Cindi Mi, CEO, VIPKid
'We are one of the first in the world that focus entirely on building AI teachers instead of doing online tutoring' - Yi Wang, CEO, Liulishuo
'Nowadays, we are doing lots of investment in early education, STEAM, K-12 learning and International Ed' - Joy Chen 陈丁鸿, Executive Advisor, International Business Development, TAL Education Group
'The top 3 things for edtech expanding into china? Localisation, partners, and patience ' - Sophie Chen, Partner, JMDEdu
'We are definitely finding a trend in extra-curricular learning' - Pei Yu, Head of the Edstars Programme 


Michael Moe with the GSV Cap. perspective on China and Edtech

Cindi Mi, CEO, VIPKid 

Yi Wang, CEO, Liulishuo

Dun Xiao, Co-founder,

Joy Chen 陈丁鸿, Executive Advisor, International Business Development, TAL Education Group 

Sophie Chen, Partner, JMDEdu 

Pei Yu, Head of the Edstars Programme at TAL Education

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Thank you to this week's sponsors:

ASU GSV Summit LogoThe ASU GSV Summit annually brings together the most impactful people from diverse constituencies – entrepreneurs, business leaders, K12 and higher ed leaders, policymakers, leading tech companies, and philanthropists – to create partnerships, explore solutions, and shape the future of learning and talent innovation.

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Qatar Foundation International (QFI), LLC, is a U.S.-based member of Qatar Foundation (QF). QFI operates as both a grant-making organization, and a convener of thought leaders on issues related to global and international education, open education and education technologies as they intersect with the three core QFI programmatic areas: Arabic language and Arab culture, STE{A}M (STEM plus the Arts), and Youth Engagement. 

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A quick message from our friends at Class Central. Its been more than half a decade since free online courses from Stanford kicked off the modern-MOOC or massive online open courses movement. Since then more than 700 universities around the world have launched MOOCS, and more than 60 million people have taken at least one course. Class Central has been keeping track of the MOOC space right from the beginning. Over 10 million learners have used Class Central to find and review online courses. As the #1 search engine for online courses, Class Central provides a comprehensive listing of more than 8000 MOOCs. Class Central’s MOOC Report blog contains the most comprehensive coverage of the industry, including a recent listing of the top 50 MOOCs of all time. To find out what’s up, down, new or just slightly left field in the world of online courses, head to

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