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Apr 23, 2016

What’s featured in this episode? 

  • Which Universities, Schools and Colleges are collaboratingwithHere East
  • Here East and UCL’s Institute of Robotics
  • Here East’s ambitions locally, nationallyandinternationally 
  • International digital hubs around the world akin toHereEast 
  • Podcast scoop: How Here East are launching a newEducationCommunity Manager role to reach out into the localschoolscommunity 
  • How local firm Optimity are helping to address thedigitaldivide and improve access to broadband 
  • Here East and Gainsborough Primary School 
  • Becoming the hub for digital apprenticeship in London


Robotics, collaboration, primary school, edtech,innovation,education community manager, broadband, diversity,Hackney, making,makers, makerspace, start-up, broadcasting,London2012


On 2016: ‘This is the year we reallygetgoing.’

On opportunities for local people: ‘Webecomethe connectors into the local community, working with theLondonLegacy Development Corporation’

On schools approaching Here East: ‘Wewantschools to be confident that they can make approaches to us,tolearn about broadcasting, to learn about making, to learnaboutwhat it means to be a start up’ 


Apr 23, 2016

The first edition of The Edtech Podcast - The Hackney Edition, covering: 

  • 20 minute interview with the principal of Hackney Community College, Ian Ashman 
  • Hear more about the diversity issues which plague the tech industry and initiatives trying to help 
  • Establish the three main barriers to better opportunities for young people in Hackney, established by a regeneration agency research document  
  • Find out how the college and local tech and digital partners are collaborating to launch apprenticeship schemes in Shoreditch, Tower Hamlets and Stratford with BT Sport and local financial industries 
  • The business challenges of skills shortages: are tech companies doing enough to build up local skills; should they have to or is import best?
  • Understand the financial pressures of the further education sector and innovative models seeking to future proof the college
  • How is the college working with on site tenants including a free school and an Edtech accelerator to get more for its students? 
  • Chart the march of tech going east, as ‘tech outpaces itself from the Shoreditch market’ 
  • Understand Hackney Community College’s new place in the educational development in the borough of Hackney and why it is raising awareness for alternate pathways to success beyond traditional Universities 
  • How tech teachers are working with the Learning Trust to get support for collaboration and Edtech in Hackney

On the tech industry in Hackney: ‘We’ve seen massive growth in tech companies…big and small.’

On opportunities for local people: ‘We’ve seen very little direct opportunity for local people…including our students.’

On diversity issues in the tech industry: ‘It’s really startling when you walk out of a campus where 70% of your students are from black and minority ethnic backgrounds into workplaces over the road which are 98%, or in some cases, 100% white.’ ‘It’s very stark.’ 

On their apprenticeships scheme: ‘It’s been slow to get going, I have to say; slower than I would have hoped.’ ‘Those young people are having an absolutely fantastic time. They are getting a really good salary and they are brilliant ambassadors.’ ‘That’s our focus forwards; that we will be a major provider of digital apprenticeships on the olympic park site.’ 

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