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Jun 4, 2017

What's in this episode?

  • Intro -
    • Ovum’s Future Edtech event 13-14 June, London. Free tickets for Universities here and 10% discount for non-Unis quoting code edpod/10 here
    • Full Fabric's GDPR event on 22nd June reg here
    • The Edtech Podcast LIVE podcast on Is Edtech a Thing? Reg here!
  • Interview with:
    • Dr. Shlomy Kattan, Senior Director XPRIZE
    • Matt Keller, Prize Lead, Global Learning XPRIZE
    • Maggie Mitchell Salem, Executive Director, Qatar Foundation International
    • Mark Nagurski, Co-Founder, animation content studio, MakeMatic
    • Tricia Edwards, Head of Education, Smithsonian’s Lemelson Center For The Study of Invention And Innovation
  • We talk about:
    • What are the global educational problems of our time and how can the psychology of competition help to solve them?
    • What do inventors look like and how can we think of ourselves and our young people as inventors?
    • What’s currently wrong with educator CPD and can a new approach improve upon existing professional development
    • What teaching resources are available to help educate on Arabic cultures, language and connectedness between young people globally.
  • Message from Class Central 


Dr. Shlomy Kattan, Senior Director XPRIZE
Matt Keller, Prize Lead, Global Learning XPRIZE
Dr. Peter Diamandis- 
International Space University the diamond  
The diamond age ( book)-
John Gartner (Common Cause) - 
Albert Memmi (The coloniser and the colonised)- https://twitter.c
Varkey Foundation- 
Global Teacher Prize- 
The Yidan Prize-
One Lap top Per Child-
Nicholas Negroponte- 
Global Learning Prize-  
X Prize-
Adult Literacy Prize-
World Food Programme (WFP)Unesco-
City of Philadelphia- 
LA unified school distri-
Charles August Lindbergh-
Dr. Sally Shaywitz- dyslexia- 
Maggie Mitchell Salem, Executive Director, Qatar Foundation International
Qatar Foundation 
Qatar Foundation International 
Global Nomad’s Workforce 
Aspen Institute 
The Steven’s Initiative: 
Chicago Public Schools:  
Vijay Kumar  
Mike Butcher 
Josephine Goube: 
Natalie Scott: 
Chris Emdin: 
Let the great world spin - 
Genghis Khan and the making of the modern world 
The Arab Peoples 
Mark Nagurski, Co-Founder, animation content studio, MakeMatic
BBC Education -
Teacher Development Trust-
Simon Nelson (Future Learn)-  
Tricia Edwards, Head of Education, Smithsonian’s Lemelson Center For The Study of Invention And Innovation
Messages from The Edtech Podcast:

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Thank you to this week's sponsors!

Check out Qatar Foundation International's Edu Work & Resources

Qatar Foundation International (QFI), LLC, is a U.S.-based member of Qatar Foundation (QF). QFI operates as both a grant-making organization, and a convener of thought leaders on issues related to global and international education, open education and education technologies as they intersect with the three core QFI programmatic areas: Arabic language and Arab culture, STE{A}M (STEM plus the Arts), and Youth Engagement.

QFI inspires meaningful connections to the Arab world by creating a global community of diverse learners and educators and connecting them through effective and collaborative learning environments —inside and outside the classroom.

Through our activities, QFI is committed to providing K-12 students in Qatar, the Americas, and the United Kingdom (UK) with the intellectual, communicative, and cultural competencies that will enable them to be engaged global citizens. 

About I Speak Arabic:

The #ISpeakArabic campaign, which launched in November 2015,  is an awareness campaign by Qatar Foundation International (QFI), a not-for-profit that works to build meaningful connections with the Arabic language and Arab world. I Speak Arabic aims to illuminate the Arabic language and Arab culture through storytelling. In addition to documentary shorts, which highlight inspiring individuals from around the world who found success from speaking Arabic as a second language, the platform provides access to open resources, tools, and kits that expand on the teaching and learning of the Arabic language to non-native speakers.

Check out the Class Central Mooc Report and More...


Next up, a word from ClassCentral which if you’re into geeking out over online learning and MOOC reports like I am you’ll probably already know about! 

It's been more than half a decade since free online courses from Stanford kicked off the modern-MOOC or massive online open courses movement. Since then more than 700 universities around the world have launched MOOCS, used by over 60 million people. Gaining insight into this fast paced world is worth spending time on (especially for those implicated by such changes). That’s where Class Central comes in. 
Class Central launched at the end of 2011, and has kept track of the MOOC space right from the beginning. Not only does it list 7000+ courses, making it the #1 search engine for online courses, but the excellent MOOC report blog has deep analysis on what’s up, down, new or just slightly leftfield. With over 500+ articles written, Class Central has the most comprehensive coverage of the MOOC Industry.
I came across Class Central when I was preparing for a Department for International Trade webinar I was speaking on and found it invaluable. Since then, I met founder Dhawal Shah out at SXSWedu and he was excited to share the resource with all
of you. So definitely go and check it out at and let me know what you think! 


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