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Apr 29, 2017

What's in this episode?

  • Introduction and recording with the Japan Prize 1-9.00. Enter The Japan Prize Edu Resources - it's free and you might get flown to Tokyo! (more details below). 

Interviews with:


Simon Nelson, CEO, FutureLearn

Brian MacDonald, Director Residential Education, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA

Dhawal Shah, Founder, Class Central

Niklas Jungegård, Founder and CEO at Sqore

Message from Class Central 

Message from Glisser Edu

Sample quotations:


There’s been a real acceleration in the last few years BUT I wouldn’t say I know of a single institution that I think is moving fast enough

What you’re seeing is the modularisation of the whole process of gaining a degree qualification 

What are students learning from one another in a dining hall, doing community service, doing an internship, from their room mates? 

i think in the edtech world moocs is a dirty word. It’s only in the edtech world, in the consumer world moocs are still a nice world when you go to normal people  

96% of all university presidents believe that they had the right skilled people graduating from their colleges, but only 11% of students believe the same..

Messages from The Edtech Podcast:

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London Edtech Week

ASU GSV Summit: 

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FutureLearn: @FutureLearn 

Brian MacDonald: @beanpole_brian


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Sqore: @sqore

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Message from Class Central

Message from Glisser Edu 

Thank you to this week's sponsors!

Enter The Japan Prize 2017!...

Submit your best work to inspire the future of learning. The JAPAN PRIZE is hosted by Japan’s public broadcaster, NHK. The Contest is the world’s only international competition that focuses solely on educational media. These may include games, apps, websites, and films.During the final selection in Tokyo in October, there are contents screenings and exhibition, a creators’ workshop, and a professional conference. All these events aim to explore how innovation in media can impact the future of education. For more information and entry forms please visit our website: The deadline for entries is June 30th 2017. You can also check them out on Facebook: 

Next up, a word from ClassCentral which if you’re into geeking out over online learning and MOOC reports like I am you’ll probably already know about! 

It's been more than half a decade since free online courses from Stanford kicked off the modern-MOOC or massive online open courses movement. Since then more than 700 universities around the world have launched MOOCS, used by over 60 million people. Gaining insight into this fast paced world is worth spending time on (especially for those implicated by such changes). That’s where Class Central comes in. 
Class Central launched at the end of 2011, and has kept track of the MOOC space right from the beginning. Not only does it list 7000+ courses, making it the #1 search engine for online courses, but the excellent MOOC report blog has deep analysis on what’s up, down, new or just slightly leftfield. With over 500+ articles written, Class Central has the most comprehensive coverage of the MOOC Industry.
I came across Class Central when I was preparing for a Department for International Trade webinar I was speaking on and found it invaluable. Since then, I met founder Dhawal Shah out at SXSWedu and he was excited to share the resource with all
of you. So definitely go and check it out at and let me know what you think! 

This is an easy one for me as I regularly use Glisser at events because I frankly find it a bit WEIRD when there are people staring at you but you ignore them! Glisser is an audience engagement platform, and they also have an education offer for socialising lectures where they take regular PowerPoint or Keynote presentations and push each slide out live to student’s mobile devices as they are presented. Professors, administrators and students get valuable data on where information is really engaging, or needs reworking and staff and students can interact through the deck. You can check them out at 


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