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Mar 19, 2017

On creativity and learning 

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What's in this episode?

  • Introduction, Emerge Education Cohort 8 open, Edtech Podcast 1st Birthday Party (come!), Naace and more 

  • 1:1 interview with award winning musician and innovator Imogen Heap

  • Developing the technology of the MiMu gesture glove over the last seven years

  • Stepping outside of expected musical forms, influenced by the open movements of makers and hackers

  • Sneaking around MIT Lab, NASA & why Imogen is excited about VR and the potential to stay connected


Sample quotations:

  • I suppose twenty years ago I signed my first record deal and back in those days you make music and that was it. Don’t even think about the video or doing the art work.
  • It took me a long time to shake those ideas and step out and collaborate with people. And then i discovered all these hackers and makers involved in that stuff
  • Over the last seven years I’ve been developing a set of technology called the mi mu gloves to help me augment those acoustic sounds, to bring them to live physically.
  • It gets me very very excited about the next generation. They are not going to be stuck behind a laptop.
  • Imogen if you and your team want to come around the Goddard space centre give us a shout.
  • She invited me to the MIT media lab
  • I saw many bits of tech but this is the one that really resonated with me
  • ON VR: This is the reality of how kids will be learning in the future

Messages from The Edtech Podcast:

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