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Dec 11, 2016

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What's in this episode?

Intro (0 - 5:30):
Hello from Detective Dot (  Code: PODCASTSROCK)
Bett Awards:  
Ian Fordham moves to Microsoft
#Nordicedtech16 (Danish Technical University, Peer Grade, CanopyLab, Labster, Kahoot)

PISA outcomes: 

In this first episode of a two part series on edtech trends at Websummit, I speak to MIT Professor Brian Subirana, Director of the AutoID Laboratory and Nikos Tzagkarakis of iYouth Lab and Tania Roquette of Full Fabric on the value of technology in higher education and how to avoid edtech being a chase to the bottom
I speak to Head of Innovation at UNHCR, Andrew Harper on what the tech community and the edtech community can do for the 65 million currently displaced and Benjamin Merritt of It’s Alive on the role of chatbot technology in educational support services, and we get to know one of the many new Phygital services where digital and physical overlap in the form of Magikbee and Hugo Filipe Ribeiro.
Word from Full Fabric (

Sample Quotations:

Brian Subirana (5:30 - 21:00): 

  • Most edtech technology is useless today, simply course cutting technology that lowers value and costs; education needs to be drastically reinvented or it will become a tourist attraction very much like the Grand Canyon or La Sagrada Familia.

Nikos Tzagkarakis of iYouth Lab (21:00 - 35:00):

  • ‘We want to build an ecosystem of innovation whilst studying.’
    ‘One student has the software and one student has the hardware. They connect their data through iYouthLab to facilitate their vision and research project.’

Tania Roquette of Full Fabric (35:00 - 40:00):


  • How can we use gamification in the application process? 
    Most universities rely on really legacy technology which makes the experience for the candidates really frustrating

Andrew Harper, UNHCR (40:00 - 52:00):

  • We’ve got to start looking at a modular learning experience. Technology is critical, because there is no other way to get learning experiences to the 10s of thousands of people.
  • I’m in desperate need of good ideas. We can’t be bureaucratic about it, we need to be engaged with legitimate sustainable ideas that can be easily scaled up.
  • Education is key
  • Imagine the potential of 65 million people that have the opportunity to learn  

Benjamin Merritt of It’s Alive (52:00)
Students have a lot of questions; sometimes they don't want to ask their teachers.

We believe a chatbot has a main purpose; to supply to specific questions. We are all human. We can't reply to all questions. 

Magikbee and Hugo Filipe Ribeiro (59:00)
Kids are losing touch with physical toys.



Hello from Detective Dot (  PODCASTSROCK)

Bett Awards: 

Ian Fordham move to Microsoft:

#Nordicedtech16 (Danish Technical University, Peer Grade, CanopyLab, Labster, Kahoot)

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Brian Subirana:

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MIT Professor Brian Subirana:


Malcolm Gladwell on Harvard and MIT:

Mobius at MIT:


Nikos Tzagkarakis of iYouth Lab:


Tania Roquette of Full Fabric:


Head of Innovation at UNHCR, Andrew Harper


Benjamin Merritt of It’s Alive


Magikbee and Hugo Filipe Ribeiro

Word from Full Fabric (



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